Five common carpet cleaning and restoration misconceptions

There has always been myths and misconceptions regarding every aspect of life. Carpet cleaning is not an exception. Carpet cleaning helps you prolong its useful life. However, there are some questions to which some answers are correctly given while others are not. How often should you clean your carpet? Must you rely on professional cleaning service or you can clean the carpet yourself? These are some of the frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning which misconceptions revolve around. The answers mostly seem to be good ideas, but in the actual sense, they are big mistakes. Here are the common misconceptions surrounding carpet cleaning.

Misconception 1: Don’t have your carpet cleaned too often

Dirt is abrasive, and so it causes damage to your carpet. The more you step on your carpet, the more you grind dirt into the carpet fibers. The dirt will, therefore, cause your carpet to wear out faster by cutting your carpet. Letting your carpet to have dirt will reduce its lifetime. Moreover, need to consider your family’s health when deciding on how often to clean your carpets. To avoid buying a new carpet every few years, ensure you clean you regularly. While vacuuming helps in removing the dirt, it is recommended to have your carpet professionally cleaned at least every 8-18 months.

Misconception 2: All carpet cleaning companies are the same, so I should go with the lowest price

Most homeowners prioritize saving money which is a huge mistake. While price plays a role in the decision you make, you need to consider other factors such as reliability, experience, professionalism, equipment, and method used just to mention a few. Low prices often depict that the company has undertrained technicians who use outdated methods and equipment. You shouldn’t prioritize price when choosing a carpet cleaning service since not all service providers are not the same.

Misconception 3: Having the right equipment is all a company need to clean your carpets


While equipment is essential, knowledge and experience are critical aspects of a carpet cleaning process. What is the importance of having the best equipment if you don’t know how to use them properly? Best carpet cleaning companies are certified by IICRC and have employees who have proper training on the utilization of the equipment.

Misconception 4: cleaning your carpet just removes dirt

Does carpet cleaning remove dirt? Yes, it does. However, you should not forget that the outdoor air contains bacteria, pollens, air pollutants, fungus, cigarette smoke and other chemicals and contaminants. When you get into your home, you carry these items, and they end up on your carpet. Cleaning your carpet is important to help remove all these contaminants.

Misconception 5: I can do a good job as well with one of those do-it-yourself rental machines

One problem with rental machines is that they do not get the water hot enough to facilitate deep cleaning of your carpet. Additionally, they lack the suction power that can help you to remove dirt from your carpet entirely. They, therefore, leave dirt and grime on your carpet. It is costly to rent a machine, learn how to use it then doing the actual cleaning that is not useful than just hiring professional cleaners.

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