Upholstery Cleaner: How to choose and use them

Upholstery Cleaner


How do you choose the best upholstery cleaner without running the risk of damaging your synthetic fibers or natural fabrics? A professional would deep clean your upholstery to pull up stains and any blemishes. Manufacturers also recommend using cleaners to care for your upholstery.

Even though renting professional-grade upholstery cleaner is an option never throw caution to the wind. Why? You need to understand how to work with the cleaner as steam and cleaning solvents can cause irreparable damage to your fabric.

Upholstery cleaning machines

Besides, carpet, sofa and mattress cleaning you can use Upholstery cleaning machines to sanitize a car’s interior. Before picking a cleaning machine figure out how your upholstery can be cleaned. How do I know? Check the tag it will show what the fabric can handle as far as solvent and water treatment is concerned.

When buying a cleaning machine consider water tank capacity, suction, wattage and the possible number of attachments for extraction washing. In upholstery cleaning consider three areas spot treatment, deep cleaning, and routine cleaning.

A deep cleaner removes dirt and stains. You need it to wick the detergent exactly where you want it. Some machines use more detergents than others. Other models have RINSE feature allowing you to remove more detergent from your upholstery cleaner.

Steam cleaning upholstery

Steam cleaning is a faster as well as useful cleaning tool for removing stains and eradicating odors that stick on your upholstery. Moreover, it kills bacteria, bed bugs and removes allergens. You need to follow a few steps in order to personally clean your upholstery.

You need to prepare the upholstery. Vacuum the pet hair, dander or dust on the fabric. Remove any pillows if any from your furniture and vacuum each side. Use the right attachment on your vacuum cleaner to avert damaging the fabric or furniture with incorrect attachments.

Perform a simple test on a conspicuous spot on the fabric to check compatibility with steam cleaning. You can get rid of simple stains like poop, pee and food easily using the upholstery cleaner. Products such as soil emulsifiers easily loosen elements grounded onto the fabric. The shampoo and emulsifier come off when you steam clean.

Steam cleaners depend on the kind of material they can clean for instance upholstery steam cleaner is strictly for the upholstery.

Concentrate on the stained areas of your sofa, foot stool or mattresses. Start by filling the steam cleaner with the required quantity of water and your steam cleaning solution. Affix the upholstery attachment and adjust the steamer power to the proper setting.

You can clean lots of stuff ranging from duvets, sofas, curtains, suits, mattresses, and clothes. One thing for sure is steam cleaning kills dust mites in upholstery. But you know what else? Allow the cleaned furniture to fully dry before you sit on it.

Further, ensure the steam pressure level is not too high it leaves the upholstery damper. The time the furniture takes to dry also depends on the humidity of the weather. Any discoloration of the fabric calls for a repeat of carpet cleaning until your expectation is met.


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